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"Hunted" trailer music (2013)

This is a piece that I wrote for an independent film trailer that was never released. The video featured many action sequences with magical forces; a fight between two good central characters and two evil characters. I used two basic themes for each side and integrated them as the scene demanded along with a few exciting motives.

"Odds" action scene (2012)

A short percussive score written for an action scene of a student film.


Jose Kropp

Violinist & Composer

Man of Steel: Flight Scene (2016)

For this scene from the film Man of Steel, I replaced the score by Hans Zimmer with a completely original score of my own.

I felt that the scene was beautifully dynamic, contrasting self reflection and doubt with confidence and triumph. I did my best to depict these qualities with very relative themes and lush orchestration.

Florida Department of Transportation Performs (2016)

I was given the opportunity to write background music to the 2015 statistics video for the Florida Department of Transportation. The feel we were going for was light, unintrusive, and inspiring. This was very different from any cue I have written before, and it was such a fantastic experience!

"Volpes" film score by Jose Kropp (2016)

This is the soundtrack to a score written for an animated student film. The film was created and directed by Austin Tyler, and it follows a young man who has a strange but magical encounter in the wintry woods.


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Jose Kropp

Jose Kropp

Composer for Film & TV

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